About us

Fibrex Co is a European company with wholly private capital, established in 1997, having its headquarters Crasna land, Sălaj County, Romania.
Company identification data: Registered with the Trade Registry under no.J31/133/1997 ;  Registered at Finance:  EU VAT RO9560150.


Fibrex company manufactures and markets articles made of composite materials for three areas of activity:

A. Articles for sanitary facilities: bath tubs, shower trays and shower cabins in a range of more than 200 type dimensions.
B. Parts and components of composite materials, in particular for the automotive industry.
C. Glass fiber reinforced polyester fiberglass articles: monoblock pools; mini pools; reservoirs and septic tanks up to 100 mc.

The most complex products we make are the molds for industrial parts and car bodies executed on the CNC after 3D drawings received from customers. In this chapter, we refer to the segmented molds for the construction of a monoblock car cabin, the molds for the dashboard and for the interior and exterior bodywork of the motor vehicles.

We continue to develop the automotive segment by building new production units on an area of approximately 2000 square meters, which we will use with equipment for the thermoforming of car body parts, for vacuum injection parts as well as for assembly of automotive subassemblies, investment to be completed in 2019.


The permanent objective of our company is to satisfy the highest standards of the needs of our customers and clients by observing ethical standards, always demonstrating professionalism, courage and character in our actions.

These performances are achieved only by the continuous increase of the quality of the labor force through training and improvement programs.

At the same time, we are concerned with increasing labor productivity, continuous improvement of manufacturing technologies of working procedures.

The company’s vision is to improve its presence in domestic and foreign retail markets by developing new models and products and increasing the competitiveness of these products.

The company’s future development will be through:
– Reinvesting the profit

– Accessing projects with European funding

– Raising the level of execution quality and management through joint projects that
we carry out in collaboration with the Technical University of Cluj, by accessing the most advanced technologies in the field.

– Participation as founding members of “Romanian New Materials Cluster”, an entity of 18 companies operating in different fields of activity: production, research, trade.

The goal of this cluster was to promote teamwork in order to increase the Research – Development – Innovation capacity of companies and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge among the members of this group.


Fibrex company has highly specialized staff, with a solid professional training, experienced and motivated by achievements and existing prospects. We currently have specialists with higher education in various fields: engineering, design, economical, legal or environmental studies. We are a team dedicated to teamwork, generating constructive ideas, constantly oriented towards new and pursuing the full satisfaction of the clients’ requirements.


Being located on an area of more than 30,000 square meters, Fibrex has production halls, annex and office buildings of approximately 10,000 square meters equipped with all the necessary utilities.

We have a car fleet for product distribution to customers and service.

The equipment used in the production flow is last generation and includes two thermoforming lines, simultaneous projection installations, cutting installations, many of which are driven by robots, CNC machine tools and other specific endowments.